Azaz Mari continues to oversee Turkish armored vehicles and infantry troopers in close vicinity as well as multiple trucks with battle supplies have crossed Azaz area recently. Some BTGs of the Turkish mechanized brigade previously deployed in al Bab has already been moved to the front lines at Tal Rifat.

The ambitious goals of the Turkish General staff might consider the cutting of the Kurdish ‘hose’ as well as to create a corridor to Idlib. A Rationales of fighting ‘Kurdish terrorism’ and advancing to Idlib ‘to fight Nusra’ are to be in place. In this case one can expect a Turkish attack supported by Ahrar al Sham units from Idlib.

Taking into account Turkish vice-prime minister statements that ‘Afrin should be cleared of terrorists and terrorism’ the invasion seems more than likely. Meanwhile the Kurds in Afrin swear to burn Hell off for Turks. US is still silent though some commitments to the Kurds have been made recently by White House.

Defense Secretaries of US and Turkey were unable to reach agreement, as Turkey continues to consider PYD and YPG as terrorist offshoots of the Kurdistan Labour Party and criticizes America for ‘using some terrorists to fight the other ones”. Washington considers arming Kurds as a temporary priority and refuses to acknowledge them as terrorists.

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