Dear friends, we’d like to inform you that a few days ago our YouTube channel was blocked and deleted due to numerous violence and prohibited content reports. Also we’ve faced some technical problems with our site.

We agree that our first videos demonstrated graphic content on terrorists slaughtering hostages, prisoners and the locals. We obtained the footage from our sources operating in combat areas. But after a number of warnings on community terms violations we gave up publishing such videos and turned to demonstrating current events which shed light on what’s going on in Syria.

We’ve shown, in particular, the United States supplying al Nusra with cutting-edge weapons and equipment, civilians protesting against Western intervention, militants requesting amnesty and other important developments.

Our reports were often used as a basis for media materials in numerous countries, we always respond eagerly to any information requests which is later used to write honest and truthful articles on the events in Syria.

We violated no laws, no moralities, and no objective mass media principles. And furthermore, we didn’t intend to hurt anybody’s feelings. Our aim was to demonstrate the truth about conflict in Syria and how it is being influenced from the outside. To match our words with deeds we’re trying to present the information in everyday language with real footage from our sources on the ground.

Apparently, this doesn’t fit with interests of the powerful who are annoyed with our info going worldwide via mass media and social networks. This, obviously, caused Google/YouTube banning the sources providing objective information on the events. They limit the freedom of speech and your rights to the truth.

We and our associates are being banned on YouTube, but you still can watch the videos containing calls for war and violence, radical Islam ad-vertisement and religious terrorism.
We pledge to keep on working even under the pressure. The truth needs to be told at all costs. We call on you to support us, to boycott the biased mass media which provide the information aimed at jihadists’ patrons. Join hashtag #GoogleBanAlQaeda. Stay with us.

Conflict Overwatch Group and Special Monitoring Mission to Syria team.

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