At least 59 senior field commanders of militant groups were killed over the last month in Northern Hama.

According to the source, the highest number of chiefs’ losses has FSA Jaish al Izza group – 12.
ISIS terrorists have lost 11 leaders.
FSA Elite Army (Jaish al Nukhba) group has 5 losses of their superiors.
Jabhat Fateh al Sham (formerly al Nusra front), Faylaq al Sham and Jaish al Nasr have 4 dead commanders each.
Also Faylaq al Rahman, FSA al Firqa al Wusta and Jaish al Islam have 3 losses each.
Ahrar al Sham – 2.
Ajnad al Sham – 2.
Alwiya al Furqan – 2.
Finally, Liwa Tawheed al Junub, Jaish M’utaz Billah, Jaish al Ababil and Firqa al Hamza have 1 dead chief each.

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