4th Round of Syria Talks Ended in Astana: Results Briefly


The talks started May 3  when all the participants arrived at Kazakhstan capital, Astana city. May 4 saw the talks where Russia proposed to create so-called ‘de-escalation zones’ of ‘safety zones’ in Syria mainly in territories controlled by the opposition.

Turkey, which supports Syrian rebels, and Iran, which backs the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, agreed earlier in the day to Russia’s proposal, a move welcomed by the United Nations but met with scepticism from the United States.

Later Turkey, Iran and Russia signed a memorandum on creating the safe zones. Damascus officially supported the project as the rebels rejected it calling it a threat to the country’s territorial integrity, and said it would also not recognize Iran as a guarantor of any ceasefire plan.

Also the US-led coalition warplanes are not allowed to these de-escalation zones.


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