Richard Black, US Senator of Virginia State,  has visited a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) position located on the front line with the Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) militants in Aleppo province.

Black stressed that the SAA is essentially fighting Al Qaeda regardless of the name the militants choose to call themselves, be it Jabhat al Nusra or HTS.

“Beyond this dividing line is Al Qaeda. They keep changing names, but it is Al Qaeda, the same group that did 9/11,” Black told reporters.

“This is their final stand here in Idlib province. This is a very good time for us, for anyone who cares about terrorism. We have been fighting the War on Terror for 17 years with nothing to show, but the Syrian army has them cornered,” he added.

Black also praised the Syrian army for the intent to protect lives of civilians. “The Syrian army cares very much about casualties, considering that what we have here is urban combat, a very brutal type of combat,” he said.

“We have tens of thousands of terrorists who hold this last place and they have to be destroyed. It is for the Syrian army to destroy them and to try to protect civilians as much as possible. Many have already left via humanitarian corridors, many more want to get out,” Black added.
The US Senator has also stressed the difference between the highly trained, professional government forces and the terrorists, who are “ordered to kill”.  “Just by looking around I will tell you that the Syrian armed forces are professional, they are highly trained and they are under orders to minimize civilian casualties. This is much different than the people on the other side. They are ordered to murder, to kill, to rape,” he said.
“We are on the right side. This is a time when a civilized world should be celebrating,” Black concluded.

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