The city of Manbij held by the Syrian Democratic Forces has been hit by a wave of unrest this morning after an IED exploded near the city centre and unknown attackers opened fire on SDF members.

The IED was planted near Al Iman school close to the positions of the SDF fighters. No one suffered in the explosion.

In a separate incident, a group of unkwnown attackers opened fire on the fighters of Jaysh al Thuwar, an Arab group in the SDF ranks. No casualties were reported.

Last week, an IED targeted a SDF vehicle on the city’s central square. The driver, who belonged to the intelligence service of the SDF-linked Manbij Military Council, was urgently taken to the hospital after sustaining severe wounds.

In the beginning of August, another IED detonated near Sheikh Aqil tomb at the center of the city, causing material damage. On the same day, a group of armed men attacked a building of the military court of the Manbij Military Council and entered in a gunfight with security personnel.

In the recent months, the city of Manbij has been hit with a wave of protests against the SDF. A conflict between the SDF fighters and members of Beni Said tribe occurred in Manbij after the fighters detained and killed two members of the tribe. Another conflict between fighters of Manbij military council and locals of Sayda village has resulted in a number of injuries from both sides.

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