Body of a commander in the Free Syrian Army 51st Brigade Omar al Kadro has been discovered by local citizens near Jenderes town in Afrin region.

According to local sources, the body was found in olive groves between the villages of Hammam and Iskander. The members of military police established by the FSA factions active in the area arrived to the site.

Two weeks ago al Kadro has been kidnapped by unknown attackers after he left the headquarters of the 51st Brigade in Afrin.

While no one has claimed responsibility for the incident so far, opposition sources speculate that sleeper cells of the Kurdish YPG units stand behind the assassination.

In the recent months, Afrin has witnessed an increase in the infighting between the rival armed factions.

Two weeks ago clashes erupted between Ahrar Al-Sharqiya and Al-Farouq battalion in Jenderes area in Northern Aleppo. The conflict was triggered by an argument during the distribution of property stolen by the militants from the citizens of Kuran village.

This Monday, a conflict between the so-called free police officers and members of Faylaq al Rahman group in the city of Afrin escalated to a gunfight. On Tuesday, clashes erupted between Sultan Murad Brigade and the free police in Jarablus.

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