The Syrian government and the Kurdish administration have signed an agreement on a cease of hostilities and political settlement in northeastern Syria, Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper reported.

According to the report, Egypt and Russia acted as guarantors of the agreement, which was reached with the meditation of the leader of Syrian Tomorrow movement and former Head of the National Coalition Ahmad Jarba.

In addition to ceasefire and political settlement the agreement also covers the issues of refugees and those who are captured or detained.

This move comes as another evidence of convergence between the Syrian government and the Kurdish administration amid its sinking relationship with the US.

Last week, a Kurdish delegation headed by Ilham Ahmad, co-chairman of the executive committee of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), arrived to Damascus to discuss handing over additional areas of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor to the Syrian government.

In turn, representative of TEV-DEM Kamal Akef has announced that the Kurdish authorities have sent letters to more that 15 international actors, including foreign ministries of European and Arab countries, to express readiness for negotiations with Damascus under international guarantees.

In other confirmation of a possible cooperation between the Kurdish administration and the Syrian government, TEV-DEM co-chairman Aldar Khalil announced that the Kurds are ready to participate in an offensive against the armed opposition groups in Idlib.

In turn, the US authorities have showed signs of dissatisfaction with the Syrian Kurds. Member of the US Senate from the state of Florida Marco Rubio called the Kurdish YPG units “a rebellious organization” and voiced concern over the cooperation¬† between the YPG and the Syrian government.

Moreover, the US-led coalition has reportedly begun to form a new faction from Arab population of Hasakah and Deir Ezzor provinces to replace Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces as its main ally on the ground. Unlike the SDF and YPG, the new faction will operate under the immediate supervision of the US security services.

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