The militants of Fursan al Jolan, the most prominent armed opposition group active in Quneitra province, started the process of surrendering their weapons to the Syrian army in accordances with the reconciliation agreement.

The group, which is based at Jubbatha al Khashab, is expected to hand in heavy weaponry in several stages. After the militants settle their status with the Syrian government they will remain in the area to maintain security.

Last week, the armed factions and the Syrian Arab Army signed a reconciliation agreement facilitated by Russia.

The agreement includes Jubbatha al-Khashab, Al Hourria, Trnaja and Ufaniya near the demilitarized zone on the border with Israel.

According to the agreement, an immediate ceasefire is introduced in the area. The FSA factions are also obliged to hand over heavy weaponry to the Russians. In turn, the Syrian government will not send troops to the area limiting its presence by police forces.

The agreement also allows those who reject its conditions to evacuate to Northern Syria. However, only 25 people requested for evacuation so far.

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