Kurdish authorities expressed their readiness to participate in a Syrian government offensive against the armed opposition factions in Idlib province if this will contribute to ending Turkish presence in Afrin, a senior Kurdish politician announced.

Co-chairman of the executive committee of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) Aldar Khalil confirmed that the Kurds see the defeat of Turkey and its proxies in Idlib as a condition for their defeat in Afrin.

“One of the steps towards liberating Afrin is that we must put pressure on Turkey and ask them to withdraw from the soil of Syria completely – and our enclaves in particular,” he said in an interview to Kurdish Rudaw outlet.

“To evict them, we must try whatever means necessary, be they diplomatic efforts, military means, or through the media,” he added.

This is the second time Khalil confirms readiness to participate in Idlib operation.

Previously it was reported that the representative of TEV-DEM Kamal Akef has confirmed that the Kurdish administration has reached out to international parties in preparation for negotiations with the Syrian government.

According to Akef, TEV-DEM leadership has sent letters to more that 15 international actors, including foreign ministries of European and Arab countries, to express readiness for negotiations with Damascus under international guarantees.

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