After several raids of Hayat Tahrir al Sham on ISIS cells Daesh later became very active in so called Greater Idlib, and even began to officially declare involvements in attacks on other militants in the Province.

On Tuesday terrorists attacked foreign allies of HTS who were known as the Uzbeks. Our sources say that a group of Daesh troopers approached to the house of the Uzbek field commander, but could not find him, so they killed his wife and son instead.

In other case on July 10 two of the Uzbeks who were riding a motorcycle to the West of the city of Idlib were attacked allegedly by ISIS. Hurras al Din (unlike HTS this faction is a direct affiliate of al Qaeda in Syria) people made attempts to help to repel and thwart the attack but an Uzbek and a Hurras al Din militant were shot to kill as a result.

As we have reported, earlier Daesh improvised explosive ordnance hit the car of Chechen militants of the Jund al Sham faction. Prior to that attack experts believed that all these foreign militants had been neutral to ISIS.

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