Recent events happening in Syria make experts eyes pop out.  Americans who illegally occupy a part of Syrian territory make failures over and over again and for surely not the first time in the Syrian conflict raise the issue of US weapons supplies for terrorists.

This time they made a lot of efforts to promote attacks on the Russian air base Kmeimim as well as freak out Syrians. News alerts that have come from Latakia: “Government forces shot down a drone of militants over the city of Kinsibba.”

And the message would cost nothing if the following clarification did not exist. This  wreckage has previously been an AeroVironment Switchblade drone. Essentially, it’s a bomber UAV, developed for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). It is a common knowledge that in mid-2017, 350 of such flying suicide-bombers were delivered to Syria for use in remote operations against ISIS.

This year this kind of drones commenced to massively enter other US Army units service. How and when the lethal weapons liked to scums Idlib is a big but rather obvious matter to discuss.

On the verge of the vital and critical US-Russia summit in Helsinki American should be more candid and say something trust-worthy. Although they has never responded to questions about multiple white Toyota pickups in Daesh ranks so they will certainly leave a blind gap here too.

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