Hayat Tahrir al Sham demand people in their vicinity and the rest militant factions members to join terrorists ranks.

The terrorists have recently released a video where they force each and every inhabitant to their side in order to push “murtadeen” (renegades) and “tawaaghit” (plural form of taghut) out of Syria.

The noteworthy feature here is al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists while using “murtad” term not only refer to as Syrian troops, but also to Jabhat Tahrir Suriya (JTS) and Nour al Din al Zenki (NDZ) militants, because HTS regards them as “misguided”, strayed from the path of “Jihad.”However HTS terrorists give them a chance to make amends to Allah joining al Qaeda in Syria.

Militants while continuing their information campaign pasted leaflets in Idlib city calling on locals to refrain from provocations of opposing forces to HTS. Terrorists tell other gunmen and civilians to join HTS. They also order citizens to immediately inform them of discriminatory content being disseminated towards HTS.

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HTS and other militants have already attempted to merge, but their efforts failed. HTS and FSA agreed on truce in April this year after a long internecine war in Idlib province. But a ceasefire did not last a day – towns and villages witnessed a wave of mysterious killings and assassination attempts resulting in deaths of field commanders of both sides.

In addition to clashes right before the conciliation attempts the rebels a number of times transmitted HTS positions coordinates to Russian Intelligence. Leaked footage below reveals Nour al Din al Zenki provided positioning data of HTS HQ for the Russian Air Force to target terrorists.

In addition to Nour al Din al Zenki group Ahrar al Sham also used to turn to Russian to retaliate HTS via supplying Assad’s major Ally with coordinates of terrorists in Idlib. SMM Syria has already reported it. Russian jets carried out a number of airstrikes on Umm Jalal village relying on received information. According to the source, dozens of terrorists were killed and also the headquarters, IEDs plants and weaponry depots belonging to HTS were destroyed in the RuAF air raids.

A turf war between rival groups also results in civilian casualties. In most cases peaceful people are killed by IEDs established in close proximity to socially significant objects such as hospitals or mosques.

Being aware of the plight in Idlib Province, as well as throughout Syria, HTS sees no other solution than to force people to join them. According to their view on conflict corse of action every citizen of the country is required to die for freedom, belied by Wahhabi Shariah.

Fearing such a development, civilians regularly took to the streets in protest against a presence of militant groups and clashes between them. SMM Syria has recently reported mass rally in Idlib city, which was attended by about 500 local residents.

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