Militants of various groups in Daraa and Quneitra provinces have established a number of operations room to resist the Syrian army.

Seven operations rooms were formed at different times during the past three years for specific purposes:

  • Al Bunian al Marsous
    It is spread in the neighborhoods of Daraa city and was the main engine of the battle of “al Mout wala al-Mazala” that it led last year and took control of parts of al Munshiya neighborhood in the city.
  • Ras al Sufouf operations room
    It was formed last year when the government forces attacked outskirts of Daraa city. The room is responsible for monitoring the extension of the SAA to Daraa city, especially the coming from the town of Khirbet Ghazala.
  • Tawhid al Sufouf operations room
    It was established by Shabab al Sunna and Jaish Ahrar al Ashaer in Eastern Daraa. The room witnesses very popular discontent because most of the fighters participating in it are those who had handed over other areas in Syria such as Jaysh al Islam.
  • Sadd al Ghouzat operations room
    It was established in 2016 and revived when the Syrian army has begun to advance in the area recently. The influence of its armed groups extends from Sheikh Meskin town to Kharab al-Shakhem west of Daraa.
  • Muthalath al-Mawt operations room
    This room supervises Muthalath al Mawt area. The armed groups deployed in al Jeidour area are the most prominent faction of Muthalath al Mawt operation room.
  • Al Nasr al Moubin operations room
    This room brings together Quneitra groups. According to the source, there is coordination between al Nasr al Moubin operations room and Mothalath al Mout to confront the government forces in Jobata al Khasheb and the cities of al Baath and Khan Arnabah.
  • Sadd al Bughat
    It is the only room that is stationed on the contact lines with ISIS terrorists in Heit town and is considered the back defense line of the armed gangs in the South.

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