A banned amphetamine-type stimulant linked to substance abuse in the Middle East and said to be favored by ISIS is more potent than previously thought.

FSA Maghawir al Thawra militants have reportedly found a massive cache of more than 300,000 pills of Captagon near al-Tanf, an area on Syria’s southeast border with Iraq on May 31. The cache allegedly belonged to ISIS terrorists operating in the province of Homs.

The estimated total cost of the recovered drugs is about $1.4 million.

According to the source, ISIS terrorists take psycho-stimulant drugs to stay awake and alert during prolonged battles.

Captagon is a psycho-stimulant which is made of a combination of amphetamine and theophylline. It is just one brand name of a group of drugs known as Fenethylline. Captagon keeps users awake for long periods of time. It also makes users feel energetic and happy – which is why it has been dubbed “chemical courage”. it is now illegal to buy and sell throughout most of the world.

Nevertheless, fenethylline remains popular in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where more Captagon is consumed than in any other country in the world. Though Islamic law forbids the consumption of alcohol and other drugs, many users there see Captagon as a medicinal substance.

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