The situation in the South of Syria has worsened in the past few days: the Syrian army is preparing to launch a large-scale military operation against Nusra Front and ISIS, Israel demands the pro-Iranian forces to stay away from the area of the operation, the USA threatens Assad with “firm and appropriate measures” if the operation starts.

Thus, Tel Aviv’s support for the anti-terrorist operation near the Golan Heights was a surprise. But it’s quite natural as there are about 5,000 militants near Israel’’s border and they pose serious threat to Israel.

At the same time, the SAA hadn’’t launched the operation yet due to Washington’s threats. The White House said Damascus would face serious trouble as soon as the Syrian government forces start an offensive at terrorists’ positions. This statement came on June 14, despite Israel, the main and closest ally of the United States in the region, supports this idea.

Obviously, in early 2017 while creating the so-called “Southern de-escalation zone” located in 60 miles from Damascus, Washington had been providing the militants in Daraa and Sweida provinces with financial and military aid. The US was going to use them as a massive shock force for a possible offensive on the Syrian capital. These threats of Washington reflects it’s striving to save one of the levers of influence on the situation in Syria.


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