Recently, Turkey and the United States have endorsed a roadmap for the northern Syrian city of Manbij and underlined their mutual commitment to its implementation.

The agreement conditions are simple: Kurdish fighters, who considered as “terrorists” by Ankara, should be withdrawn from the northern Syrian city of Manbij.


Meanwhile, some Kurdish formations realized that they were betrayed by their “strong ally” and began to make steps towards Syrian government.


Co-chair of Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmad has offered to send their delegation to Damascus for “direct talks with Assad’s government without any preliminary conditions”.

There are also another facts that fuel the fire. Recent “Al-Monitor” article provides the statements of Kurd’s representatives who said that they “have already been making some changes to de-escalate tensions with Turkey”. These efforts include scaling down the presence of PKK “advisers” and removing banners and other symbols evoking the PKK and its imprisoned leader Abdullah Ocalan in Arab-dominated areas. “We wish to pursue our partnership with America,” he said. But he acknowledged that the ground was shifting. “The [American] commanders here tell us they want to continue with us but that it’s the White House, not them, making all the decisions”.

All these facts indicate that Kurds became a bargaining chip for Washington in Syria. This time bargain with Turkey, and that’s why the Kurdish decision to build a bridge to Damascus is the winning one.


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