Tensions rise in SDF-controlled territories in the North of Syria – Raqqa, Hasakah and Deir Ezzor provinces. Civilians’ mass protests in these areas against forced mobilization.

Reports say SDF fighters detain young men in the streets and take to training camps, later they join the Kurdish forces. Protests against these actions often came to crackdown, sometimes even with opening fire.

Moreover, people who lost shelter in US-led coalition airstrikes have to live in campsites and are constantly being abused by SDF, who even sometimes don’t allow the humanitarian aid in these camps. One of the most blatant cases shot on camera happened when SDF destroyed a huge amount of ice transported to one of the camps for people as air temperature was 40 C.

Latest protests broke out in Raqqa province, SDF had to call their American allies to settle down the conflict which almost led to a bloodshed.

Obviously, SDF may soon lose the support of the people who will struggle for a better life under Damascus rule. This will make US and allies lose their positions in the North of Syria.

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