Free Syrian Army militants are forced to create the “National Liberation Front” (al-Jabhat al-Wataniyah Li-Tahrir) union under pressure of the government forces.

The newly established union consists of the following groups:

  • Faylaq al-Sham;
  • 1st Coastal Division;
  • 2nd Coastal Division;
  • 1st Infantry Division;
  • Free Idlib Army;
  • The Second Army;
  • Elite Army;
  • Jaysh al Nasr;
  • Shuhada’a al-Islam Dariyah;
  • The Freedom Brigade;
  • The 23d Division.

– Current commander of Faylaq al Sham, Col. Fadlullah al-Hajji, was appointed as a leader of the formation.

– Current commander of Free Idlib Army, Lt.Col. Saheb Liyoush, was appointed as a deputy of Fadlullah al-Hajji.

– Jaysh al Nasr current leader, Maj.Gen. Mohammad al-Mansour, was appointed as a chief-of-staff.

– Abu Hudhayfah was appointed as an official spokesperson.

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