A new operations room consisting of 10 rebel factions was formed in Quneitra province.

The main aim of formation is to resist the government forces and Hezbollah fighters in the region.

The operations room consists of the following groups:

  • Liwa al-Omarain;
  • Liwa Miadh bin Jabal;
  • Ahrar al-Julan;
  • Suqour al-Jabiah;
  • Tajmaa al-Ahrar;
  • Aswad al-Harmin;
  • Badr al-Islam;
  • Ghadir al-Bustan;
  • Liwa al-Khansaa (former all-women police or religious enforcement unit of ISIS);
  • Katibah Badr al-Islam.

According to the source, the formation took place amid the accelerating pace of events in the region and Hezbollah’s attempt to play the Israeli card by launching missile strikes against Israel and accusing the rebel factions deployed over there

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