We hope you remember the notorious reporter of the Syrian war – Bilal Abdul Kareem, who actively operates in Syria covering events in the areas controlled by the anti-government forces. He and Ahmad Zeidan, a journalist of Al Jazeera, filed civil compliant in US Federal Court as they were put on NSA’s secret “kill list”.

This SKYNET program kill list includes the most dangerous elements who pose threat to the US national security and is to be eliminated ASAP. Kareem has reportedly survived FIVE (!) drone attacks, two of them were conducted when he was in car, also two attacks targeted On The Ground News information agency representatives.

Zeidan, for his part, is considered by Washington to be Al Qaeda courier, as he was the first journalist who managed to get an interview with Osama bin Laden.

Some American human rights activists try to whitewash these two guys but they forget these “journalists” pose threat to other people.

So, if someone is going to work as a Syrian opposition activist, he should remember that the drone of your own master is flying somewhere in the sky ready to launch a missile at your nice camera.

Remeber that.


P.S. This pretext and the matter that occurred earlier this month    produce more speculations on how US get rid of the Syrian propaganda assets on the eve of OPCW FFM results. It clearly seems the Western burden of lies is up close to the end.

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