Actually, the OPCW experts which are expected to come to Syria’s Douma, will try to collect evidence of that unconfirmed chemical attack. But, the source of the first information about it raises questions.

Concerning the source of information about an alleged chemical attack in Douma, the first message to the Western media was delivered by the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) based in the United States.

A year ago this organization had already provided the OPCW with ‘evidence’ of chemical attack in Khan Sheikhun and the OPCW believed SAMS and didn’t even try to analyze the samples, breaking its own protocol.

And this time it was SAMS again who reported about 500 victims of that alleged chemical attack, this information was spread by the mass media without checking the facts and interviewing any other experts.

By the way, SAMS was founded in Illinois, USA. It’s funded by the USAID. The financing of its activities increased more than 10 times in past 2 years. It’s SAMS who gives the world all these terrible pics taken in terrorist-controlled Idlib where its representatives feel free to operate openly.

Thus, we thought this time it would be a bit more elegant. But the script never changes.

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