Afrin is completely besieged by Turkish forces and Ankara-backed FSA militants now. The military prepares for the final push on Kurdish-held town.
The Turkish president said the civilians will be treated “with utmost care” and will be allowed to leave city through a special safe passage though now people are trapped in the town and have no food, electricity, medicines etc. President of local section of Kurdish Red Crescent, Nuri Khanbar, said Turkish air force bombing of access roads to Afrin has caused no fuel supply, essential for operation of hospitals and bread ovens, which depend on generators with diesel oil having been cut electricity of city.
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Turkish attacks have killed at least 215 civilians including 32 children though the advance of Turkish forces is officially aimed at ‘neutralizing’ Kurdish militias that control canton of Afrin and which Ankara considers “terrorists” as they have ties with Kurdish armed group PKK.

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