The commander of Jaysh al-Izza Major Jamil Al-Saleh has survived an assassination attempt in Southern Idlib, official media channels of the group reported.

According to the group’s statement, Al-Saleh was inspecting one of the group’s positions when a group of unknown attackers opened fire on him before fleeing.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

The group added that another of its commanders, Ahmad Al-Saleh, was also attacked on the road between Talbiseh and Al-Ghanto village in Homs province.

In recent weeks, the security situation in Hama province has rapidly deteriorated as clashed erupted between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Jabhat Tahrir Souria (JTS), a newly formed alliance of Ahrar al-Sham and Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zanki. Althouth HTS has suffered several defeats in Hama and Idlib provinces, it later managed to recapture some areas in Aleppo.

In turn, JTS has reportedly started to attract other factions in the alliance. According to the reports, Jaysh al-Nasr, Jaysh al-Izzah, Jaysh al-Thani (2nd Army) and Jaysh al-Nukhba are planning to join the operation room with JTS in Hama province.


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