The so-called Syrian Islamic Council has declared that fighting Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the US closest ally on the ground in Syria, is obligatory for every Muslim.

The Council, which is based in Istanbul and receives support from the Turkish authorities, accused the SDF of siding both with the US and the Syrian government and attempting to “break apart the country and harm the Syrian revolution”.

The SDF, which has Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) as its core force, control large areas in Northern Syria along the border with Turkey, including Afrin region in Aleppo province. The Turkish authorities consider YPG an affiliate of Kurdistan Workers’ Party and a terrorist organisation.

In January, Turkey has launched an offensive against the YPG in Afrin under the name of Olive Branch operation. Despite promises of “swift success” made by the Turkish officials, the Turkish troops struggled to advanced as they faced stubborn resistance from the Kurdish fighters. However, in the recent days the Turkish army supported by Free Syrian Army factions managed to establish control over all of the Turkish border near Afrin.

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