A group of Turkish military has entered the Idlib province on Thursday, February 15th, to prepare for establishment of another observation point, that would be added to the five Turkish position already present in the area.

According to local sources, a large Turkish military convoy consisting of some 100 armored vehicles headed in the direction of al-Sarman village this morning.

The Turkish information agency Anadolu has confirmed, that the sixth observation point will be established soon.

Yesterday Turkish troops were spotted on a reconnaissance trip to Maarrat al-Numan in Idlib province.

Such reconnaissance missions of the Turkish military have been occurring rather frequently in the past few days after the Turkish army established an observation point in the area of Al-Eiss in south Aleppo.

Previously the Turkish military have established five observation points, including one in Tell Touqan and another in Al-Eiss. It is supposed that creation of several other observation points as far as in South Idlib and North Hama is currently in the planning stage.

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