As sixth day of the Turkish “Olive branch” military operation in Afrin region in northwestern Syria has come, the so-called Democratic self-administration of Afrin affiliated to YPG (the people’s protection units) appeals the Syrian government to fulfill sovereign obligations to protect the city and its people from Turkey.


In a statement widely circulated on social media, the democratic self-administration in Afrin province announced the region is an integral part of Syria that Kurds of Afrin in the ranks of the people’s protection units –also known as YPG – had been defending the territorial integrity of Syria and its institutions for six years and they will further continue doing that by countering the Turkish engagement.

Moreover, the Afrin self-administration more likely considers the deployment of the Syrian armed forces as the only possible way that can help Kurds avoid increasingly fierce confrontation with the Turkish army as well as the Turkey-backed FSA.

It seems that despite all the claims of readiness to stand strong Kurds have proved to be separated and unprepared for such aggressive actions undertaken by Turkey since January, 20th. Kurdish forces suffer heavy casualties and have to give strategic ground in fights with the Turkish proxies without the US assistance.

What’s more, Afrin administration have issued that statement like a cry for help, recognizing that the Kurdish presence in Syria is nothing more than a bargaining chip for the US, Turkey or any other. It’s obvious, but difficult to accept that Kurds’ independence dreams are unenforceable and only way to peace in Syria is to be together with Damascus.

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