The Syrian government is not capable of a military win in the conflict and is “almost broke”, US officials told journalists on Monday, December 4th.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed that the Syrian authorities lack manpower and finance to cope with the challenge of massive destruction and the threat posed by the armed opposition groups. According to the officials, Damascus increasingly relies on its allies, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iraqi militias and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“They’re not wealthy, they’re not rich in manpower, they’re not rich in other capabilities, and the grievances, if anything, are sharper now than they were at the beginning of this conflict.” an official said describing the government’s position.

This assessment is at extreme odds with the vision of Damascus and its ally Russia. During the recent meeting between the Syria’s Bashar Assad and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the Russian President said the the Syrian conflict is ‘nearing completion”.

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