The British government has suspended a foreign aid project launched via the Adam Smith International company after a BBC report revealed that the money had been diverted to extremist groups in Syria.

According to the investigation by BBC Panorama, the Adam Smith International (ASI) has been co-operation with the so-called Free Syrian Police (FSP), a security service set in the areas controlled by the Syrian opposition. The FSP was supposed to act as an unarmed civilian police force, but instead in fell under the control of the extremists, who handpicked the FSP officers, enforced brutal sentences including execution by stoning and put fictitious people on the force payroll.

The FSP has also co-operated with extremist from the Nour Al-Din Al-Zanki movement, who took 20% cash from the organization’s salaries. The FSP officers have also turned a number of detained persons to the court run by the extremists.

The project has been running since October 2014. In April it was announced that the UK would give additional £4 million to finance the Free Syrian Police.


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