Simulated Car BombIraqi helicopter gunships on Thursday foiled an attempted suicide attack by ISIS near the city of Mosul.

“A SVBIED tried to target a group of rapid-response personnel in the desert area near the village of Haraj some 80 kilometers southwest of Mosul,” Air Force Brigadier-General Abdul Qader al-Shawwaf told.

“Reconnaissance aircraft spotted the SVBIED and gave its coordinates to the Iraqi Air Force, which immediately dispatched helicopter gunships to destroy it,” he added.

Helicopter gunships fired three missiles at the vehicle, destroying it instantly and killing everyone aboard.

“ISIS still maintains an armed presence in parts of the desert area of Nineveh province,” al Shawwaf said.

In August, Prime Minister Haider al Abadi announced that Iraq’s northern Nineveh province had been “entirely liberated” from ISIS.

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