The Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions active in southern Syria  failed to reach an agreement on joining forces in Qalamoun, Ghouta and on the border with Jordan.

Although the creation of a unified command was postponed for a “specific reason”, it is still expected to happen in the near future, said the spokesman of a FSA group Ahmad Abdo Forces Saad Sief.

It was previously announced that 19 FSA factions in co-ordination with Jordan were negotiating to create a High Military Command in southern Syria. The new military body was supposed to replace the Southern Front, which lost the US-backed coalition support this summer. It is expected that the Command will include such FSA factions as Shabab Al-Sunna Forces, Al-Hasm Forces, Jaysh Al-Thawra, Falluja Houran Division, Jidor Coalition, South Coalition, Usud Al-Sunna Division, Ahrar Nawa Division, Al-Haq Division, Al-Karama Brigade, Al-Furqan Brigade, Al-Omari Brigades, Tawhid Al-Junub Brigade, 18th March Division and Artillery Regiment.

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