The Syrian troops supported by popular militias launched an offensive on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) positions in east Hama.

The offensive was directed at the village of Umm Hazin, where the HTS members set up their positions. The advancing troops were supported by artillery, rocket fire and air strikes carried out by the Russian Air Force.

Earlier the Syrian troops managed to capture Masharfa farms, Abu Laffa farms and al-Shakusiyah farms northeast of Hama. The SAA has also targeted the terrorists with drone strikes, killing and injuring several HTS members.

The operation is a part of a large-scale offensive that started in Ithriya area last week. The army units have penetrated HTS defenses and reached Jib al-Abid area, establish control over several villages. The final goal of the offensive is Abu al-Duhur military airport, which is currently held by the opposition forces.

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