20 prisoners managed to escape the so-called Court of Justice in Daraa, a prison established by the armed oppositionĀ  groups active in the area.

The court’s chairman Asmat al-Abbasi confirmed the news of escape, saying that the prisoners used “external help” to break free.

According to al-Abbasi, the prisoners were allowed to order food as the court lacks finances to feed the inmates. The day before the escape they ordered mandi, a popular rice and chicken dish, which came in two boxes. It was later discovered that in addition to the dish, the boxes contained a hidden hand chain saw, which was used by the prisoners to cut the steel bars on the windows of their cell.

To mask the saw sound, the prisoners played Quran over the audio system, which was also permitted by the court’s authorities. After they succeeded in cutting the steel rods, all of the 20 prisoners broke free.

Al-Abbasi added that the court has informed all nearby check points about the escape and will try to locate the fugitives as soon as possible.


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