199,000 killed and wounded, of which 150,000 in Iraq, 30,000 in Syria and 19,000 in other countries.

12,189 destroyed, damaged or captured units of military equipment.

The territory occupied in June 2017 is 282,485 sq.km, 35 Vilayats created (note both real and virtual vilayats all over the world are considered).

The annual tax (Zakat) in the territory of Syria and Iraq is 16,054,000 dollars.

Approx. 1,800 suicide attacks carried out.

129,980 lessons, seminars, lectures and training courses related to the promotion of the ideology of the movement conducted.

2,880 videos, 4,540 text releases, 1,670 audio releases and 32,140 photo reports, etc., released – a total of 41,230 media releases.

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