PopularMobilizationForcesIraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) fighting the ISIS terrorists recaptured nine more villages, proceeding with a campaign to impose control over the Iraqi borders with Syria.

Badr Organization, a part of the Iraqi volunteer forces, said it had taken over nine villages Northwest of Baaj, with dozens of militants fleeing to Syrian border cities, Iraqi News reported.

Earlier, PMF media said the Iraqi forces recaptured the entire Baaj region and proceeded to take over surrounding villages near the Syrian borders. Operations targeting border regions near Syria launched in May 12th.

The campaign has been running simultaneously with government troops battles with ISIS in Mosul, the group’s largest stronghold in Iraq where the group is nearing eventual defeat.

On Sunday, Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes, deputy commander of the Popular Mobilization Units, said “mobilization forces will go after terrorism outside Iraq if it threatens Iraq’s soil and national security”.

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