SAA troops continued to hit ISIS’s defense lines in Eastern Aleppo and took back control over 10 more villages in several hours of non-stop clashes. The army soldiers engaged in tough battle with ISIS and drove them out of the villages of Al Bilouneh, Bani Zeid, Daroubiyeh, Al Sameriyeh, Latheh, Al Naseriyeh, Al Naseriyeh train station, Mohseneh Al Khafseh, Rasm Al Kaywan and Al Masoudiyeh.

The ISIS lost tens of fighters in the attacks. Informed sources disclosed on Wednesday that ISIS has sent hundreds of terrorists and a large volume of military equipment to Eastern Aleppo to face the Syrian Army troops’ devastating advances in the region.

The sources said that while the army troops are advancing rapidly toward the last positions of ISIS in Aleppo province and have recaptured tens of villages and towns and have killed hundreds of terrorists, the ISIS has started sending hundreds of fresh fighters and more military equipment to Eastern Aleppo, specially to Maskana plain, to reinvigorate its front against the army advances.

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