On Sunday ISIS unleashed a series of attacks on multiple government-held towns in eastern Homs, trying to retake turf it had lost to SAA over the past month.

According to Al-Masdar News field correspondent Ibrahim Joudeh, SAA positions along the entire axis between Abou Alayah, Khattab, Jibb Al Jarrah and Al Barghouthyah came under fire.

Although clashes continued in the area for some 24 hours, the ISIS counter-offensive yielded zero gains for the caliphate’s troops whom retreated into the mountains in disgrace.

In the aftermath of the attack, government units counted over 20 dead ISIS bodies while two pickup trucks where destroyed during the sudden ISIS retreat.

The succesful defensive operation was led by elements of the 11th Division, 18th Division and National Defence Forces who have been deployed in eastern Homs for some time.

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