FSA leader has claimed that after the fight with ISIS in northern Aleppo, they will focus on fighting SAA and insinuating YPG as well.

Al Baz, leader of the Turkmen-majority Sultan Murad Mahmoud Brigade of the FSA, stated that “after ISIS the next fight for his Turkish-backed forces will be the regime & “separatist forces”.

In the past, the YPG have said they seek to federalize Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Syria or to seek independence.

However, most curiously is that the Euphrates Shield Operation, in which the Turkmen Brigade who are named after an Ottoman Sultan is a part of, have no front line with ISIS.
BBC Journalist Quentin Sommerville, who reported illegally from militant-held areas of northern Aleppo countryside, conducted interviews with fighters from FSA battalions, in which all are aligned to jihadist groups like Ahrar Al Sham in this part of Syria.

He also revealed that the Sultan Murad Mahmoud battalion, who have neo-Ottoman ideology that seeks to annex northern Syria to Turkey, lost over 500 militants fighting ISIS in the northern Aleppo town of Al Bab.

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