A Syrian army jet is guided out of the hangar at Dmeir military airport, 50 km north-east of Damascus, on April 8, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / STRINGER

Just three days after U.S. President Donald Trump approved the order to launch a cruise missile strike on the Shayrat Airport in east Homs, the Syrian military has made this strategic military installation operational again.

Previously, the Syrian Air Force was launching sporadic missions from the Shayrat Airport following the U.S. attack; however, on Monday morning, the base was again fully operational, as planes took off from the bombed airfields.

According to a local source, the Syrian Air Force carried out several missions on Monday that targeted both the jihadist rebels in northern Hama and ISIS in Palmyra countryside and eastern Hama.

Trump, who ordered cruise missile attack, boasted to journalists on Saturday that his forces crippled the Syrian Air Force at the targeted military base.

While several immobile planes and hangars were damaged, the Syrian military was able to clean-up the mess and quickly repair any problematic sites.

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