People from northern Syrian city of al Bab are trying to get back to normal life by returning to the city, which was freed from ISIS terror group by Turkish armed forces and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) as part of Operation Euphrates Shield.

The streets of al Bab look alive again, with children playing, new shops opening and peddlers selling fuel with cans, while the returned Syrians search for personal items under the wreckage of their homes.
The infrastructure of al Bab was heavily damaged during the clashes between ISIS terrorists and FSA units, leaving the city without any electricity or water. Currently, generators provide much needed electricity to the citizens, while water is obtained from nearby wells.
Al Bab’s citizens are also facing problems due to the lack of functioning bakeries in the city. Non-governmental organizations try to meet the bread needs of the Syrians, who previously fled the city to nearby towns and villages due to the terrorist violence.

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